Welcome to dndR!

dndR Motivations & Goals

I am a big fan of both R and Dungeons and Dragons so I thought it would be a fun test of my coding skills to build an R package that supports this hobby! dndR includes several functions that can be broadly divided between functions for both players and dungeon masters (DMs) and functions that are intended primarily for DMs.

My hope for this R package is that you would be able to have an R or RStudio window open while you are playing (or preparing for a session) and could use it to help with some of the fundamental repeated operations in D&D. When I play or DM D&D I often use a virtual tabletop (VTT) and I use this package to complement those systems rather than try to replace them.

Installing dndR

To install the development version of this package, run the following code:

# install.packages("devtools")

This package is now on CRAN but for the dev version contains additions / modifications that may not yet be reflected in the version on CRAN.

Encounter a Problem?

If any of these functions break for you (or if you have a cool idea for a new function!), please post a GitHub Issue and I’ll tweak the code ASAP. If you’re posting an Issue because of a bug, including a reproducible example will be really helpful to me and will make it quicker to identify and fix whatever the issue was.