Welcome to the 2022 All Scientists’ Meeting workshop “Reproducible & Collaborative Coding with Git”! We are excited to have you with us for this training whether you are a veteran version control user or this is your first foray into the world of git and GitHub.

While we will be demonstrating using git with RStudio today you do NOT need to set up your computer to follow along. That said, we have included instructions on how to get your computer set up if that is of interest.

Workshop Outline*

*Note that the specific timing may differ on the day depending on questions and conversations with you all but this is our planned timing.

3:30p (PT) – Welcome & Introductions

3:40 – Workflow Options

3:55 – Exploring GitHub

4:20 – RStudio & git

4:50 – Debrief / Overall Q & A

5:00 – Done!

Let’s Get To It!

We aim to make this training fun, informative, and not overly terrifying so please reach out if you have any questions before, during, or after the workshop! Our contact information is listed below:

Nick Lyon: | Angel Chen:

Post Workshop Survey

We would love to hear from you all about how we did today! After the workshop, please visit our post-workshop survey or scan this QR code!